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Gas Boiler Services in Newtown, PA

Gas Boiler Services

When you require gas boiler repair, tune-up, or installation, you can count on our team at Drew's Crew for fast, professional gas boiler services.
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Heat Pump Services in Newtown, PA

Heat Pump Services

From routine heating service to heat pump system replacements, no job is too big or too small! We also offer heater installation throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
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Gas Furnace Services in Newtown, PA

Gas Furnace Services

Whether you need a tune-up, repair or installation, you can count on the Drew's Crew team.
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Air Conditioning Services in Newtown, PA

Air Conditioning Services

Whether you need a simple tune-up to optimize your air conditioning system's function, or if your old, outdated unit needs a full replacement, we can help protect you and your family from the harsh, sweltering heat.
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Air Purification Services in Newtown, PA

Air Purification Services

The REME HALO® goes beyond traditional UV lamps with its innovative design and active air quality improvement capabilities. Unlike passive systems, it employs advanced proprietary technologies, including the generation of low levels of hydrogen peroxide, effectively reducing pollutants like bacteria, viruses, odors, and mold spores in both air and on surfaces throughout your air-conditioned space. Experience the healthy difference of REME HALO® by contacting Drew's Crew Heating & Air today!
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Dryer Vent Cleaning in Newtown, PA

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We offer complete and careful dryer vent cleaning services to make your dryer safe and energy-efficient.
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Frequently Asked Questions

An efficient HVAC system keeps your home comfortable and saves you money. The first and most important way to increase the efficiency of your system is to regularly clean and replace your filters. You'll also want to schedule routine maintenance and tune-ups for your entire system including ductwork. Programmable thermostats greatly decrease the load on your system which saves money on bills as well as wear and tear on your system. Finally, although it's a big up front investment, considering a system upgrade will pay off in the long run.

Programmable thermostats can range from a run of the mill electronic thermostat to sophisticated smart thermostats, but one thing they have in common is accuracy and efficiency. Because they're automated once programmed, they offer both convenience and savings. Programmable thermostats allow you to customize your heating and cooling to different times of the day optimizing your HVAC system and cutting costs by keeping your system as efficient as possible. Programmable thermostats have been shown to have approximately a half degree variance in temperatures which is a stark contrast to the up to five degrees of variance that can be seen in manual thermostats. This is hugely important because each degree can account for 1-2% of savings in your heating and cooling bills. Smart thermostats have the added benefit of running on wifi and being accessible anywhere, so you can adjust your heating and cooling even when you're away from home.

While the exact length of time a filter can last depends on a number of variables, a good rule of thumb is to never go longer than 60 days between replacing your disposable air filters or cleaning your washable filters. The state of your air filter greatly impacts the efficiency of your system, so replacing/cleaning your filters is an absolutely necessary part of your HVAC maintenance schedule. Some of the factors that determine the length of time your filter will last are:

  • The model of the air filter
  • The indoor air quality
  • Whether the home is occupied daily or not
  • The number of occupants in the home
  • The number of pets in the home
  • Whether or not anyone suffers from allergies
  • The air pollution levels around the home

Many people often balk at the thought of paying a professional to come inspect their household appliances when they seem to be working perfectly, but professional care upfront can save big in the long run in both money and comfort levels. Maintenance should be scheduled at least once a year. The best time to schedule maintenance is just prior to the time you'll be needing the system the most – so either going into a cold winter or a hot summer. If you;re using the system equally during these seasons, it's optimal to have it maintained in both the spring and fall to ensure 'your heating and cooling are running efficiently. A professional technician will be able to assess your system during inspection, diagnose any issues, and perform any cleaning or repairs that are necessary beyond the routine maintenance you can perform yourself. This will ensure that your system is running at the optimum efficiency and that any problems are caught as early as possible.

In between professional maintenance, you can do your own upkeep to make sure your system is performing at its peak. The most important thing you can do is remember to change your filter regularly – every 30-60 days is ideal. Check the battery in your thermostat and give your thermostat a once over to make sure it's not damaged and that it's working properly. If you have an outdoor unit, make sure it's clear of dirt and debris that can build up and reduce airflow and drainage. You'll also want to make sure the unit is still level at this time. Finally, clean any buildup and debris in and around your indoor unit and ductwork.

If you need any emergency hvac repair and installation services, simply call our 24-hour emergency number.

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