Friday 15 July 2022

What to do if Your Air Conditioning Goes Out This Summer

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Air conditioning is one of the greatest modern amenities we have to keep ourselves comfortable during heat waves. While comfort is key in the hot summer months, especially while sleeping, air conditioning can also help those with medical conditions live easier and with less stress and strain.

If your air conditioning goes out, it can seem like a major inconvenience and price tag, but keeping your family safe during extreme heat is important and not just a matter of comfort.

If your air conditioning stops working this summer, learn the steps you should take to prevent further issues from happening. If your air conditioning stops working, you should contact a service provider right away. Summer is a busy time for most air conditioning companies which could mean long wait times to get a professional to your home. You will want to get on a list as soon as you can to avoid living in a sauna for longer than you have to.

Try to keep your home as cool as you can, for as long as you can. Close your windows, blinds, and curtains to try and keep the heat out. Windows and doors are the least energy efficient parts of your home’s exterior. Prevent heat from seeping through your windows by laying whatever you can over them to keep it dark.

If your home is starting to become extremely uncomfortable, try to move sleeping quarters to the basement or other cooler areas of your home to improve comfort. Heat rises, so the lower in your home you can get the cooler it will be for your family.

If the heat is unbearable to live through, try buying temporary air conditioning units to keep certain areas of your home cool. If you plan to use these space-cooling devices, make sure to close the doors to spaces you don’t need cooled. This will prevent you from cooling areas of the home that don’t need it.

Get a hotel or ask a loved one if you can stay with them if the heat starts to become too much for you or your family. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are real medical conditions that can be life threatening. The cost of a hotel room for a few nights is less expensive than an unexpected medical bill.

Call our team of HVAC professionals to make sure your air conditioning is running properly to prevent problems in the future. If your air conditioning has stopped working, our team will try to be there to service the unit, repair what we can, or replace it with a new unit as soon as we can.