Thursday 1 December 2022

Common Reasons Why HVAC Systems Breakdown

Posted by at 12:27 AM

The HVAC system is essential to the comfort level of your home whether it's hot or cold outside. The last thing you need is your system breaking down on you when you least expect it. It can be expensive repairing your system depending on the problem. Understanding why HVAC systems experience problems can help you take preventative measures accordingly. The following points discuss common reasons why heating and cooling systems break down and prevention tips.

Filter Problems

Airborne particles, including dirt and dust, can clog up air filters. Air filters help clean the air in your home by catching these particles. A clogged filter can lead to problems when not changed regularly. Using the wrong type of filter can also be problematic. Check filters regularly and change them every few months, especially if you have allergy sufferers and pets shedding hair.

Thermostat Issues

Ensure your thermostat gets checked. The thermostat helps control the air temperature, but if it is not working correctly, it could create problems for your heating and cooling system. They are designed to last several years but they can malfunction making your HVAC system break down if it's constantly running. There are different types of thermostats including manual, smart, and programmable. Each type has features that vary. Consider smart thermostats with features such as auto adjustment, energy save modes, and remote access to help save on energy bills.

Refrigerant Leak

If your AC breaks down, it may leak refrigerant, a fluid that helps the system create cool air. A leak like this can create problems for other parts of your system, including long-term damage. A leak can also prevent your system from adequately cooling your home. Check hoses for leaks. Your refrigerant levels may be low if you spot ice on the unit. Remove dirt and buildup by cleaning the evaporator pan and coils.

Blower Problems

The blower circulates air in the home, and your system won’t cool or heat your home efficiently if the blower isn’t working correctly. A blower can have problems if the motor doesn’t have enough power to run efficiently. The system could have a broken belt or other mechanical issues. Contact an HVAC professional to review your system if you have mechanical concerns. To prevent this issue, change your filter regularly, keep the blower free of debris, and keep the space around your HVAC system clear.

Lack Maintenance Care

Maintenance care can enhance the lifespan of your system while ensuring it operates efficiently. Routine maintenance includes keeping the unit clean and having an HVAC professional conduct an annual review. Clean the filter, coils, and Freon levels as part of preventive maintenance. A heating and cooling technician should inspect your system and make necessary adjustments.